An initiative to develop a Multi-disciplinary research laboratory in Chemical Engineering Department has been taken dated on 15.12.2021, with the aim to execute research to roll out products. The number of industries such as, SunkonnectPte Ltd., Singapore, Terra Green Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata, Sunny Ray Solution, Kolkata, Oster Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Works Pvt. Ltd, expressed their interest to sign memorandum of understanding to exchange expertise and knowledge to develop various models and to resolve the technical issues related to industries.

To promote the Multi-disciplinary research and awareness among the faculty members, a faculty development program on “ Scope for Multidisciplinary Research and Education (SMRE 2022)”, organized by Dept. of Chemical Engineering in association with Haldia Regional Centre, IIChE dated on3rdJuly – 14thAugust, 2022 which concluded with formation of two multi-disciplinary and multi- institutional consortiums on “ Research & Technology Development for Blending of Agro-Residues with Coal in Thermal Power Plants” of amount Rs. 4.63 Cores and“Hydrogen Valley Research and Development Platform at Haldia Industrial Cluster” of amount – Rs. 14.62 Core dated on 31.09.2022 and 03.05.2023 respectively to DST, Technology Mission Division, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

The journey of the above mentioned collaborations was started with the first project entitled “ Machine learning of real-time images analysis of solar modules” jointly with SunkonnectPte Ltd, Singapore on 4th April, 2022. The first phase of project budget was Rs. 40,000/- and the multi-disciplinary group consists of Chemical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering.

Another project entitled “Development of IOT integrated industrial and domestic air pollution monitoring device” sanctioned by Terra Green Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata dated 21/09/2022 to short out an industrial problem for real-time monitoring. The first phase of project budget was Rs. 15,000/-. This project was designed to form a consortium of two colleges, Haldia institute of Technology and Heritage Institute of Technology. A device was developed and tested its reliability in laboratory as well as, sent for trial in industry. After successful field trial, a patent application was filed on 03/03/2023 to protect the novelty and finally, technology transfer agreement was signed dated on 09/11/2023.

Terra-Green technologies Pvt. Ltd., located at Infinity Benchmark Building, 18th Floor, Sec- V, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700 091 is going to enter into an agreement with Dr. BiswajitMandal, Associate professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Haldia Institute of Technology, on dated 06/03/2024,  for mass production of “IOT Integrated industrial and domestic air pollution monitoring device” for commercial use after successful trials in Shree VaishnaviIspat Limited, Bamunara Industrial Estate, PaschimBardhaman. Dr. BiswajitMandal is hereby authorized to provide sufficient training to the short listed peoples for mass production as per non discloser agreements (NDA) and MOU with Chemical Engineering Department of Haldia institute of Technology.

After successful training for mass production of the said device Terra-green will provide certificates and also evaluate the feasibility to set-up any production unit in future depending upon the demand and reliability of the said device.

Moreover, another multi-disciplinary group consisting of experts from Chemical Engg., AI ML, CSE and AEIE was also formed to execute an important project entitled “IOT based water health monitoring system for pisciculture” dated on 18th July, 2023 from Five Star Logistics Pvt. Ltd. The laboratory-developed device has already been tested in reliability and ready to transfer for field use.The smart water monitoring system developed and successfully trialed in laboratory for field execution. To protect the novelty of the devices patent was filed on dated 01/01/2024.

In continuation to the research work related to Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) and Regenerative Fuel Cell (RFC), a new polymeric membrane was also developed in the research laboratories in Chemical Engineering Dept. to be recognized as an alternative membrane for such electrochemical devices. A patent was filed to protect the innovativeness dated on 03/05/2022.

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Multi-disciplinary Research Group
Proposal for setting up research lab.
MOU between Oster Chemical & Pharmaceutical Works Pvt. Ltd.
MOU between Sunkonnect Pte. Ltd.